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¿Está usted buscando un alojamiento en Santa Clara, Cuba?

Hostal Candelaria 60
The Hostal Colonial Candelaria 60 (Santa Clara) is the typical colonial house of the many that still preserves the historic centre of the city. Well preserved their authentic taste despite the years. Like all houses of its age, is fresh thanks to its ceilings high ceilings and windows in colonial (from great heights), resulting in not only a house cool, but, in addition, has good natural lighting and excellent ventilation.The distribution is the classical one in that kind of old houses: a porch entrance (hall), a hallway distributor of bedrooms and a courtyard around which life is made. In summary, it is a nice little house and very quiet only renting a room.Run by Carmen and Emilio, a charming retired couple whose only occupation is to take care of their customers, the hostal Candelaria 6...