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Hostal El Patio Yanek-Javier
The Hostal "El Patio" is a place located in the historic center of the city (in the center), superb, fresh and quiet (no noise), great for sharing and relax either alone, in couples or in groups of people and families, the rooms (two in total) are independent, with private bathrooms and well-equipped . We also offer other services at the request of the guests such as breakfast and dinner.It is located just 100 meters from the Boulevard of Cienfuegos and 15 metres of the Prado. More information   The place   The inner Courtyard of the house, by which the rental takes its name, is truly special, as guests, to leave their rooms, have a Patio area in the shade, cool and peaceful. !It is incredible to be so in the center of the city and yet so quiet!   Available to...