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¿Está usted buscando un alojamiento en Santa Clara, Cuba?

Casa Angel y Hortensia
House built in 1950, is of masonry and plate of a single plant (the netherlands) with door to the street, has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, inner hallway (with washing area and drying), in addition a kitchen dining room. It has a room to rent with 1 double bed and 1 staff, air conditioning equipment, fan, wall TV with its box decoder, 1 mini bar, porta perches and a private bathroom with hot and cold water (24 hrs, with personal hygiene products). Located on avenue 56 (San Carlos) between calle 21 and calle 23 No. 2133(historic center a world Heritage site) to 100 meters from the parque Jose Marti (point Wiffi) facilities and institutions, cultural and recreational activities(Café-Bar the Palatine hill, Teatro Tomas Terry, Gardens of the UNEAC, Casa El Bartolo, Palacio Ferrer, Naval Museum...