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¿Está usted buscando un alojamiento en Santa Clara, Cuba?

Hostal Cuba 215
The Hostal Cuba 215, is located in the downtown area of the city of Santa Clara, in front of the Church “The Pastor”, just 3 blocks from the Parque Leoncio Vidal, which is the center of this city. This accommodation is located in a house of colonial architecture, typical of the historic center of the city, which consists of a single floor. The house has a hall, living room and 2 terraces for relaxing and reading, spaces in which to be able to enjoy the guests during the stay in our house. The two rooms for rent are independent, are air-conditioned, have bathroom inside and are fitted with a fridge. The casa particular Hostal Cuba 215, is located in a very central location, it is ideal for the city tourism, because it provides an easy access to historical places of Santa Clara, as the ...